love notes that head our way ... thankyou so much ...

Rajee, I have been following your blog for the past year or so and have always found your posts to be so fresh and from the heart. Love your finds and the absolutely original way in which you put your stamp on things:) When I saw your textile post, I simply had to have one of these. Thanks for all your patience , helping me with the colours and the million queries I had. Even as I opened the package and saw your card and the bow, I knew both the spread and your blog was a keeper..glad to still confirm the same:)"
                                                                                 Monica Mathias, Bangalore                                         

" I have been a follower of Rajee's blog since a long time and have always liked her sensibility in home decor. So one day when I chanced upon some stuff she was selling (lovely kantha bedspreads and cushion covers), I immediately wrote to her saying " I definitely want them". Shopping from a blog was a first time experience for me but I am so glad I wrote to her that day. She made the experience worthwhile. Best part was when the package arrived neatly packaged with a red ribbon and a handwritten note. Frankly that delighted me. And of course the piece was awesome. Exactly as I had seen it on the picture in her blog. Just last week Icontacted her again for a second piece (I could not wait till she launched her beautiful online shop) and amidst all her work in getting together her site, my packaged arrived within a day of my payments with the lovely handwritten note!
Thank you Rajee. It has been great shopping with you!

                                                                                    Torsha Banerjee,  Bangalore

I have been following Rajee's blog for quite some time and was eagerly awaiting her shop for, of course , her silk Bengal kantha work products. My shopping experience is as pleasant as the product that I ordered :) The response was quick and cordial . Although I have not yet laid my hands on the product,since I live in the US ... my aunt and mother say that the work is very neat and that the piece is gorgeous. Looking forward to more shopping.
                                                                               Neelima, United States


I found Rajee Sood's world online thru her blog and I was hooked. impeccable taste, attention to detail and very gracious. I had earlier written to her about some furniture and she patiently answered all my questions and provided the information I needed. Imagine my delight when she started an online store with exclusive hand picked  products by her. I placed an order for kantha work cushion covers on the day of launch through their portal, which was an easy 2 step process.In 2 days flat I recieved a well packaged parcel,complete with a handwritten thank you tag and ribbon. Rajee and team, I wish you much success. Keep up the wonderfully prompt and personalised service. Much love!                                 
                                                                                           Arundati  Hyderabad