Learning, as I tread along ... working with some very head strong senior masterji's ( tailors) ... carpenters ... and craftsmen ... testing my patience and my skills. But there is always love and smiles when our pieces are finally ready.


I also work with women ... who come from rural India ... and here's how a normal day at work would look like ... there's tea doing the rounds ... freshest gossip and not to miss, is the SMS's and phone calls in case the gossip needs to travel farther and wider... :) .


Kids get a yelling, to mind their ways ... right over the phone ...  they are lovely women to work with and I wouldn't dream of swapping this workshop with any corporate setup.

I have a number of vendors, who in a short time of my label being in the market ...  are today, my best mentors and constant source of encouragement.

Our Story  & The Way We Love To Work

At label ... Rajee Sood. We design accent pieces and curate collections for the home.

Passion, the only word I have to describe to you, all that I do ... all that, what makes me get out and drive around village lanes which were not built with my car size in mind.


Sitting down on bare floor, talking to mastercraftsmen who have spent years, many times more then my 41 years of life. Hunting through godowns and stepping into rooms which haven't seen the day light in many years.


Meeting people with so much passion about the pieces they have and at the same time ready to share their finest ones with me. I am showered with advise that no design school can match.   

I personally believe in timeless and classic style.


What you see showcased in our collections ... is my love, to create homes that tell a story ... everyone of us needs to cherish our homes and let it reflect us.