F  A  Q  's ...

1.  Do make note of the  product name , product code ... of the piece you   

     wish to buy.

2. E-mail the  the following details to rajeesoodhome(at)gmail(dot)com
                                     - Product name (include colour option if relevant).
                                     - Product Code
                                     - No. of pieces
                                     - Contact details (for shipping)  Name, Complete

                                        postal address, contact no.
                                     - Refer our payment options below(point #5) and

                                       specify which suits you.
3. On receiving your order we shall e-mail you the invoice within 2

    working days ( this shall also include all shipping details from

    our side)        
4. The payment, for your order should be done within 7 working days of

    receiving your invoice.
5. We except payments through   Online transfer / Cheque  / Demand


6. On receiving your payment , we pack your pieces with utmost love and

   care and ship it to the address specified.


P.S - listed are standard procedures to streamline the process. But we are

        into this business, also for the love of what we ​showcase.

        Feel free to specify any special request you may have. We will be

        extremely happy to help you, the best way we can.​

To help you understand the ease of shopping with us ... we've tried to explain the entire shopping and shipping process. Incase you may have any further questions ...

please e-mail us at  ...


Shopping & Shipping with us