Vajri -Traditional Indian Foot Scrubber 




Metal -  Brass

PRODUCT CODE - 113( c )

Dimensions - 2  1/4 '' ht. and 2 1/4"  dia. base 


Typically, women when bathing - to scrub the feet - used such scrubbers, something made necessary, as most users did not wear shoes.These were of cast brass and comprised of a pedestal with a cage and a rough, scored 
base that is surmounted by a pair of finely cast birds (as shown in the pieces in the pics) that is both decorative and also functions as a handle.Small pebbles or rocks or tiny metal balls usually are contained within the bases of most such scrubbers. Bathing often occurred in a public space, perhaps by a stream, a pond or a river. When the scrubber was being used, the small pebbles/rocks/metal balls jingled, perhaps to warn off others in the vicinity that women were bathing nearby. 
The quality of this example (as shown in the pics) is underscored by the fact that the base contains not irregular pebbles or rocks but uniform spheres of metal balls.